Full Auto Air Guns

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Best Full Auto Air Guns to buy

Crosman 3576 Semi-Auto CO2 Powered Pellet Revolver with 6-Inch Barrel

This semi-automatic 10-shot air pistol is unique with revolver styling and finger-molded grip design, perfect for action shooting. Powered by CO2 and available single or double action the 3576 is easy to use, as well as accurate with its six inch rifled steel barrel.

Customer Reviews
  • “I’ve had so much fun with this gun as it is very accurate and decently powerful.” – Mark Glenn Jr
  • “I liked it so well that i am looking to buy another one so that both my husband and i can shoot at the same time.” – Theresa Chesmar
  • “Looks and feels like the real thing.” – Daddybear

Crosman M4-177 Pneumatic Pump Air Rifle (.177)

For a new generation of shooters who like the adaptability of the AR platform, the M4-177 is sure to impress. Featuring a rifled steel barrel, the M4-177 shoots both pellets and BBs.

Expert Advice
  • “It is a fun gun to shoot and the boys really like the look of it.” – SakuraHB
  • “It looks very cool and feels great in the hand.” – Perry Bruner
  • “This is a great air rifle.” – Caid11

Crosman C11 Semi-Auto Air Pistol (BB)

This semi-automatic CO2 powered pistol combines hand-held comfort with quality components, at an affordable price. It features a velocity of up to 480 feet per second and an accessory rail under the barrel.

Product Comparisons
  • “Save your money unless you have money to throw away but even then, still not worth wasting your money on the this 5 cent assembled piece of junk.” – CandyFun123
  • “The clip that holds the magazine in no longer holds it in.” – DanT
  • “This little gun is good looking and very fun to shoot.” – D. Redmond

Umarex Steel Storm Air Pistol (Black, Medium)

The Umarex Steel Storm Tactical BB gun has a 30 shot capacity, with a 300-round reserve! It allows you to shoot 6-shot bursts in “full-auto” mode, and single shots in semi-auto mode.

Full Auto Air Guns Reviews
  • “Cartridge loading is efficient, with no loss of CO2.” – roby22
  • “It seems to be well made and very heavy duty.” – Virgil
  • “It could be fun item- if Umarex planned to fix their defects, or back their warranty…” – Tech Guy

Beretta Elite II CO2 Pistol air pistol

Beretta Elite II 19-rd removable magazine Semi-auto Uses 12-gram CO2 cartridges Double-action only Accessory rail for laser or tactical flashlight Never shoot steel BBs at hard objects! .

Product Comparisons
  • “This air pistol has been very reliable.” – H. Person
  • “There are no repair facilities for this product.” – James R. North
  • “The gun handles very well, and weighs much like the real thing.” – Rohan A. Desai

Umarex H and K MP5 K-PDW, .177
Heckler & Koch

The H&K MP5K-PDW Air Gun features high velocity, 400 fps semi-automatic action from a high capacity 40-shot clip. The repeater has realistic recoil action when shooting BBs from the ultra-realistic barrel.

Product Comparisons
  • “This gun looks great, feels solid, and I added a few things to make it a Real Bad Boy!” – GoodbyePorkPieHat
  • “I will be returning it, too bad.” – M. Murphy
  • “It is pretty well made and the the shooting is smooth for a CO2 bb gun.” – powrJohn

Umarex USA Beretta 92 FS, Electric 16 Round Black

This Beretta replica is a battery powered semi/full automatic airgun with a metal barrel. This beautiful 92 FS will prove helpful while shooting targets.

Buying Guides
  • “I contacted them, and I paid to send the gun back.” – South FL Matt
  • “It feels heavy like a real handgun.” – Geoffs_Daughter
  • “This gun hurts more than the other but its a lot slower.” – Matt

Crosman Tac C11 Air Pistol with Laser and Mock Compensator

Includes compensator and quad rail for mounting multiple accessories. Grip slides back for easy loading of CO2. Spring-activated BB clip drops out with the push of a button.

Consumer Reviews
  • “Now this is one of the hardest guns to work on, a major pain in the you know what.” – ZipSnipe
  • “The magazine release mechanism inside the pistol’s handle failed after only 100 shots or so, and the magazine no longer locks in place.” – ski
  • “The gun is very accurate for those that shoot from long distances.” – David I. Bridgers

Marksman BB .177 Air Pistol

The Marksman Repeater is a fast loading, easy to use air pistol that fires 18 shots without reloading. *(Check Air Gun Restriction List). Specifications: Velocity: 200fps; Power Source: Spring Piston; Cocking Action: Slide; Ammo: .

Product Comparisons
  • “The 1st one was junk….the 2nd one made by another company was heavier and worked better.” – Airforcevet101
  • “I couldn’t get gun to hit the target (not the bulls-eye, the target) at three feet.” – Adam Chen
  • “It looks like an M1911 handgun and weighs almost as much thanks to it’s all metal construction.” – SirStinky

SMG 22 Full Auto Belt Fed Pellet Gun

The all new Air-Ordnance SMG .22 pellet gun is the first of kind, fully automatic .22 caliber rifle.

Full Auto Air Guns Reviews
  • “You can get about 40 fills out of the scuba tank.” – Merk 343
  • “I mean target practice, you better plan on buying a whole bunch of them, cause this thing will rip anything to shreds in it’s cross hairs.” – MARK CHELINI
  • “Overall, it works well, and is pretty accurate.” – lena c admas

Suggestions of the Best full auto air guns

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